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Unique island villa for sale

Live with style in PEFKOS - Skyros West in a unique & artistic, aegean boutique island villa

Feel & touch Summer in one of the most magnificent landscapes in the MEDITERRANEAN...

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What you WIN?

You win a 24% VAT tax.

(from the alternative ocassion to built from the beginning)

You win the immidiate access to the property

You save the very high cost of supervising the building project by the civil engineer

You win at least 6 months for offcial licences, endless docyments & unlimited high expencies

You avoid the involvement with the "Town planting authorities" the "Municipality" & the "Forest authorities"

You save at least 2 years from the alternative ocassion to built from the beginning until the full complete of the project

You save a very high ammount of all the above expencies including the big cost for continuous travelling and too much time for your personal supervisioning on a such comlicated building project.

and many more

According to the urban planning regulations, there is still a balance of 106 sq.m. that you can build in addition to the specific plot